Proposed Race Dates for X Factor Racing
2015/2016 Season race dates to the 31st December 2015


Oct 10 Practice ( Shane McIntyre test pilot) ( Graham unavailable due to market research).
Oct 17 Riverside Raceway (Opening meeting).
Oct 24 Central Motor Speedway (Opening meeting).
Oct 31 Riverside Raceway (Saloon best pairs).
Nov 7 Riverside Raceway (Fireworks night).
Nov 14 Woodford Glen Speedway ( Subject to Saloons running).
Nov 21 Central Motor Speedway.
Nov 28 Beachlands Speedway (Southern Saloon Slam round 1).
Dec 5 Central Motor Speedway.
Dec 12 Riverside Raceway (Xmas Trophy).
Dec 29 Central Motor Speedway ( WOW and Xmas Champs).

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