2017 Aug 18 -
Shed Update
Just coming out of turn four and onto the chequer with 21ts winter freshen.
It's about now you wish it was October


2017 July 13 -
Shed Update
Getting there....it's winter outside "but it won't be long till summer comes".
Less than a 100 days and we all will be chasing that black n white wavy thing.


2017 June 24 -
Shed Update
A big day fitting up all the new panels etc. The plan is to have 21t completed and ready to roll by July 31, park it up in the corner and wait for 21t ( Super Saloon) to hit X Factor Racing HQ for its new paint job and livery.
Can't wait for summer to roll around.


2016 Jun 11 -
Central Motor Speedway - Prize Giving
Our season was capped off by a great night of celebration at our annual awards night.
The highlight being awarded the Sportsperson of the year trophy. A total surprise it must be said.
Our crew and supporters were a little worse for wear this morning....some more than others but that's how it goes.
On behalf of all of our crew thanks to everyone who has made our fantastic season possible.
Thank you to our club for putting on a fantastic night of celebrations. Thanks to the bar staff !!!


2017 May 17
North v South Saloons -
Eastern States Speedway Blenheim
Part 1:

Night one went pretty well for X Factor Racing and the South Island team. Qualified 9th for the feature but with both groups inverted we started 16th(last) on the grid. We managed to pick up four spots to finish 12th.
The racing was fast and clean all night with some pretty wicked lap times getting rolled out. Not a mark on 21t so a pretty laid back day until we do it all again tonight. Cheers from the crew at X Factor Racing.

Part 2:
An amazing weekend of racing!! Extremely fast paced and crazy busy in the pits. Learnt heaps now just have to try to remember it all - was a great experience and who would have thought Euan would have got a chequered flag! ??.
Our main aim was to finish and not cause any carnage. Was really clean racing with very few stoppages - really well run meeting.
Special thanks to Shane and Paul for all your help and advice, and also to Victoria for being my live streaming girl (never short of a conversation that girl!??) - very proud of all the southerners Kylie Ivan Murdoch Graham Williamson Steve Robertson and Euan. You all looked so good on the track and proved that you all deserved to be there. Now for the trip home and back to work!!

Part 3:
The North v South Saloon Challenge had the makings of a great event and man did it deliver. The racing was right out of the top draw....clean and fast on a belter of a track. The south team did themselves proud especially on night two when every heat was won by a South Island driver. The willingness of drivers and crews to share gear, bits and crew at times along with the usual banter and funny moments made it the most enjoyable ,fun and relaxing time we have had since we started racing three seasons ago. In terms of our own results and performance we learnt bucket loads.
Number 1. We have enough pace to foot it with the best.
Number 2. The starts are extremely critical when passing options are limited because every car is fast.
Number 3 Events such as this one are up several levels in terms of intensity and speed.
Number 4 We would love to be part of it again. Our best moments were the first heat finishing 2nd, the last heat when finishing 4th and recording the fastest lap time of the race.Taking out the 20 lap feature race was the icing on the cake.
I cannot thank Crew chief Riley, Chris Kirkwood and Kate enough. Three seasons on and not one cross word says it all. One amazing young man I must send a special shout out to is William. Thanks buddy for all the tips, words of encouragement, keeping me entertained in the grand parade and the cool flag that you made (it will hang out in trailor as a reminder of your commitment to X Factor Racing)
Congrats to the North Island team....well deserved. Cheers from everyone at X FACTOR RACING.


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