2016 June 14 -
Shed Update at X Factor Racing HQ
The trailer is finally in Invers for its upgrades and new fit out. Paul and Crazy have big plans for it so looking forward to the finished product there.
Scott has his modified stripped down and the frame is all ready for its colour change.
21t is about to get a few modifications / upgrades and a complete face lift for season 2016/17
A new saloon for season 2017/2018 is on the horizon so plenty happening as we trudge through the winter.
Dare to live and Cheers from the crew at X Factor Racing.


2016 June 01 -
X Factor Racing has added another car to its stable. The 2016/2017 season will see Scott Williamson campaign the ex 33i Modified Sprint of Glenn Finlay.
Stay tuned for more exciting news from the team at X Factor Racing.


2016 May 28 -
Central Motor Speedway - Prize Giving
An awesome night last night celebrating with friends and crew.
We managed to pick up a bit of silverware as an added bonus. Ist on points for the season for saloons, so very pleased for Paul, Chris ,Nigel and our amazing sponsors. Roll on October.


2016 Apr 16 -
Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell
Well that's a wrap for season two. A special night for me as my daughter Hannah who lives in Perth and watched our racing for the first time last night.
The final round of the Southern Saloon Slam produced some of the best racing of the season. We made the pole shuffle and moved one spot up the grid. 21t was right on the pace and we racked up a good points haul to finish the series in the top ten (10th).
A great result considering we missed round two with engine issues.
Our goals for this season were to continue to improve across the board and gain some consistancy in our results.
We managed to carry the chequred flag nine times this season and finished in the top five in over seventy percent of our races,so a tick in that box.
I cannot thank my crew enough. Paul,Chris and Nigel. Thanks also to Connor,Scott and Ryan who stepped up when we were down on crew. These guys represent X Factor Racing with pride,passion and professionalism and I consider myself very lucky to have such a dedicated crew.
Special thanks to Kate for supporting me in this crazy thing we do.
Finally big thanks to all our sponsors and supporters. The winter will be busy giving 21t a good freshin up and it will roll out looking very different next season.
Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive from ALL the crew at X Factor Racing.


2016 Apr 09 -
Riverside Speedway - Invercargill
Well that was a pretty cool nights racing.
Heat 1 started 2 and got the win.
Heat 2 started 6th and finished second after a great battle with Mike Verdona.
Heat 3 stated 4th and finished 2nd behind Tony Rooster Williamson after a door to door tussle.
Fast and clean racing all night from all the drivers.
The crew had 21t dialed in and was wicked to drive.
Big thanks to the usual suspects in terms of crew. Paul and Crazy and special thanks to Connor Williamson who stepped up for Nigel.
That's it for Riverside for the season and we have loved every second of it.
Big ups to our awesome sponsors it's now time for beer. Dare to live from everyone at X Factor Racing.


2016 Mar 26 -
Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell
A pretty good night's racing in a strong field of saloons with some fast,clean, close racing.
After a month of chasing engine issues 21t felt strong and had good pace again.
Two fifths and a fourth means a fifth placing in the Easter Champs.
Huge thanks to my awesome crew who had a massive weekend with Daryl Ainsleys 50th slotted in between our two nights racing.
Cheers from all the crew at X Factor Racing.


2016 Mar 12 -
Riverside Speedway - Invercargill
After a massive couple of weeks sorting our engine we lined up for a shot at the Southland Saloon Champs.
Heat 1 finished 2nd. Heat 2 finished 5th starting from 10th. So tied first equal on points going into the final heat.

21t was misfiring in the first two heats but in the third heat it was way way down on horses so we limped home in tenth place.
Very frustrating as we are nailing the set ups and 21t is a pleasure to drive.
Pictured is Kadin Cracknell who stopped by in the pits to say high.
Thanks to Paul and Crazy and all our sponsors.
Now we sit back and take in the NZ Super Saloon Champs.


2016 Feb 13 - Riverside Speedway - Invercargill

Not a bad night at the office at Riverside Raceway. Two wins and fourth so first on points overall for the night. 21t was hooking up nicely on a drivey track for the first two heats. Heat three not so good as the track became a one lane affair. Thank you once again to Riverside Raceway for their hospitality, the crew love it down in Invers.
Shot to Paul, Crazy, Nigel and Scott. We now re group for round two of the Southern Saloon Slam on the 27th. Sitting 5th on points so looking to build on a good start in the series. Cheers from everyone at X Factor Racing.

X Factor Racings schedule for the last leg of our season. 27th Feb. Riverside Raceway (Southern Saloon Slam).
12th March Riverside Raceway (Southland Saloon Champs).
25th and 27th March. Central Motor Speedway).Easter double header.
2nd April. Beachlands Speedway.
16th April. Central Motor Speedway ( Final Southern Saloon Slam).
Photo credit to Corbyn Shuttleworth.


2016 Feb 06 - Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell

What an awesome nights racing. We didn't win a race but 3rd overall on points behind 2 NZ Pete Dickson and Steve Robertson in the Waitangi weekend champs. A drivey track made for some fast, close, clean racing. We lined up in the 20 lap feature with the Supers and came home third behind Ray Stewart and Pete Dickson who was piloting Paul Wrights Super. I'm pretty sure 21t was cranking out the fastest laps in the feature since I've been behind the wheel. It felt like it anyway.
Big ups to Nigel and Crazy who were just busy enough all night. That's a wrap for now. STAY HARD, STAY HUNGRY, STAY ALIVE.


2016 Jan 30 - Riverside Speedway - Invercargill

Night one of the big double header at Riverside Raceway went pretty well with a 1st in heat one and a 3rd in heat two. Only two races for the Saloons as it was the big dance for the Supers with their round of the Elf Cup. They put on an awesome display of fast close racing. Night two is the Southland Super Saloon Champs.


2016 Jan 31 - Riverside Speedway - Invercargill
Night two and a repeat of night one. A 1st and a 3rd. A DNF in heat one with a cut left rear the only hiccup in a pretty pleasing weekend of racing for X Factor Racing. A slick flat track on a hot sunny summers day and some spectacular fast close racing with the Super putting on a show that will be talked about for years. Shout to to Paul, Crazy, Nigel, Ryan, Scott and kate and all of our sponsors who make it all possible. Thanks to the Riverside Raceway for their hospitality. A late night at 21t HQ with the 5t and 811 (5.30am) crews to top off a huge weekend. We are all a bit jaded right now but we line up next Saturday night at Central Motor Speedway. Cheers.


2016 Jan 01 - Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell

X Factor racing are resting and regrouping after a pretty successful couple of nights racing. 2 wins and a second in the feature was the icing on the cake. Our crew nailed the set ups on a slick track at times and 21t was presented in a pristine state between races. Huge thanks to my crew. Six races and not a scratch means a happy crew. Shout out to the other drivers who raced hard and fast. Congrats to Ivan and Steve on their wins also.
Cheers from everyone at X Factor Racing.


2016 Jan 09 - Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell
Well the triple header at Central Motor Speedway is done and dusted. Three nights of clean fast racing. Not a scratch on 21t and a 2nd in the New Years Champs, 3rd in the Xmas Champs and 4th in the Central Otago Champs. So consistant results and a car that only needs a clean. Huge thanks to our crew who put in the hard yards for three nights and deserve a beer or three. Cheers from ALL the crew at X Factor Racing.


2015 Dec 30 - Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell

A return to form for X Factor Racing last night after a couple of average meetings. We had a great car all night and the driver was focused. We managed a win in heat 3 but the most pleasing result was a 7th in heat two after starting 19th on the grid.. So we finished 3rd overall in the Xmas Champs. Our crew did an amazing job especially in setting 21t up on a very slick track for heat 3. So we will have a few cold ones for New Years (not too many) and do it all again on New Years day. Happy New year everyone. STAY HARD, STAY HUNGRY, STAY ALIVE.


2015 Dec 04 - Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell
Almost ready. X FACTOR Racing lines up tonight at Central Motor Speedway as a support class to the Supers and their big dance. Once again a huge thank you to our sponsors who without their support it just wouldn't be possible. 7pm start folks. See ya track side, posters and wrist bands to give away. Cheers 21t pilot.


Looking good Tatum. Hope you enjoy your night. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.


2015 Nov 28 - Beachlands Speedway - Dunedin
Well round one of the Southern Saloon Slam proved to be a pretty good one for X Factor Racing. A good haul of points in the heats meant we started 8th on the grid for the feature. Finishing fourth was a satisfactory result and puts us high on the points table going into round two. 21t had good pace all night and felt strong and we were able to make plenty of passes all night. A huge thanls to Scott and Nigel who worked overtime all night in trying conditions. Thanks to our sponsors and to Beachlands Speedway who made all of us feel so welcome. We look forward to Cromwell this Friday night as support grade to the Supers. Cheers ya all from X Factor Racing.


2015 Oct 24 - Central Motor Speedway - Cromwell
A tough old night at the office for X Factor Racing. 13 saloons fronted for the opening night at Cromwell and it was fast and furious. Solid finishes in each heat meant 3rd equal on points for the night behind Pete Dickson and Lloyd Phillips. A few laps in the 17.8s showed the track was a goodie. A strong field for the opening night meant there were no easy passes and Pete Dickson was straight out of the blocks, so we move on to Riverside Raceway next week for a shot at the best pairs. A huge thank you to our crew and a shout out to 5t crewman Tim White who filled in for Nigel who was on leave.
Cheers from us all at X Factor Racing.


2015 Oct 17 - Riverside Speedway Opening Meeting

A Satifactory start to the season for X Factor Racing and 21t. A minor mechanical issue first up meant a DNF in heat one after drawing pole (bugger).
The brains trust got it sorted and after a few laps with the Super Saloons it soon became apparent 21t was on song.
So we lined up for heat three and after another intense battle with 47i Lloyd Phillips, we managed to pull off a win.
The final race of the night had 21t lining up with the Supers. We managed to show some good pace and tagged on the back of Owen and Kerry Dixon for a few laps.
In summary 21t showed it's got the horse power to be competitive, so fine tuning the driver and nailing the set ups is key for us now.
Thank you to Paul,Chris, Nigel, Ryan and Scott and our sponsors for comimg on board again this season.
See ya all trackside.


2015 July

Update time for 21t. The engine is back in the hole. The headers and exhaust are in place and looking mean. 110 days until the flag drops. Can't wait.
Plus a sample of X Factor Racings new poster design for the coming season. Available trackside throughout the 2015/2016 season.


2015 Jun 13 - NZ Speedway Awards

X Factor Racing won the best presented speedway vehicle award at the NZ Speedway awards dinner in Wellington on Saturday night. Special thanks must go to Roger ( Flash) Nees, (Nees Graffix) and of course our dedicated and hard working crew. Paul( Crew chief) Riley. Scott Williamson. Chris Kirkwood. Nigel (Entertainment officer) Peterson. Thanks also to Connor Williamson, Ryan, Lachie and Connor Riley. This trophy belongs to you guys.
Cheers G.


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