"The Team"

Graham Williamson
We have to go way back to the seventies and early eighties to start Graham's bio.
B and C grade production saloon driver back in the day with a few wins here and there, Graham took a thirty year break and as a more senior person has re entered the sport.
It took a while to get to grips with the pace and obvious advances the sport has made in the intervening years.
Towards the second half of the first season's return Graham started to achieve some consistancy and with that some pleasing results.
Graham's goals for this season is to continue to build on the steady improvement in his driving and gain one or two podium finishes in the championship races.


Paul " Crew Chief " Riley.
Paul a self employed engineer is THE BOSS!!! Paul's reading of the track and attention to datail in the set ups for 21t (check out his set up book) is spot on. It's usually the driver that stuffs up. (He never growls).
Chris "Crazy" Kirkwood.
Chris joined us mid season (2014/2015) and was "into it". He crewed for me 30 years ago and is loving the whole speedway experience.
Nigel Peterson.
Our "entertainment officer" and our right hand man here in Cromwell, when it comes to preparing 21t between meetings.
Scott Williamson.
Scott just gets in and gets all those little jobs done that makes the difference, which results in a smooth stress free meeting.
Kate Williamson.
Our calming influence and voice of reason when things get chaotic. Kate keeps the team hydrated and feed.

Ryan Atwell.
Ryan can't make it to all the meetings, but when he's on deck he rips into it. Always positive and always smiling.


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